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We provide you with the most professional fertility counseling services to help you relieve your infertility concerns and build a better family!

服务优势 | 加拿大枫叶国际生殖中心


  • Help you choose the private hospital with the most advanced IVF and assisted reproduction technology in Canada
  • Recommending the best Canadian surrogate candidates for you to ensure the healthy growth and development of your fetus
  • Recommend sperm donor or egg donor messengers to meet your special needs
  • Professional infertility consultation in Canada with many successful cases, worthy of your trust

Package Service

We provide different assisted reproductive service packages and customize services according to your needs.

代孕妈妈 - 加拿大枫叶国际生殖中心

Package A

The test-tube baby medical package is suitable for infertile couples or same-sex expectant families who need third-party assisted childbirth.

捐卵使者 - 加拿大枫叶国际生殖中心

Package B

Take eggs unlimited times in a year and transplant healthy embryos until successful conception.

代孕妈妈 - 加拿大枫叶国际生殖中心

Package C

Single cycle of test-tube babies, suitable for expectant parents with good sperm and egg quality and need third-party assisted childbearing.

Success Story

Professional infertility consultation in Canada, multiple success stories, worthy of your trust!

成功案例1 - 加拿大枫叶国际生殖中心

Two father-to-be families, both 33 years old, professional agent for third-party assisted fertility services throughout the whole process of Canadian Maple Leaf International Fertility Counseling.

Two father-to-be families in China

成功案例2 - 加拿大枫叶国际生殖中心

Ms. A of Canadian Chinese, with the help of the Maple Leaf International Reproduction Center in Canada, is happy to have a third child!

Ms. A, a Chinese Canadian citizen

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